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If you’ve been over to at all in the last week, you’ve probably noticed our relaunched site. The changes are kind of hard to miss. But it’s not just the home page that’s changed. And it’s not just a cosmetic redesign.

The whole site has been revamped with a goal toward educating visitors about analytics, and informing decision makers on how to use data to improve their organizations.

On the outside, it may look like just another website redesign. In reality, it’s the first phase of a reinvigorated experience for our customers. We’re in a new age of engagement where appearances and actions online can be just as important as they are face to face. In fact, the Web is where we make our first impression.

SAS Senior VP of R&D Armistead Sapp was reminiscing recently about the state of marketing when he first joined SAS 25 years ago. He said most new customers at that time learned about SAS through a weekly ad inComputer World.  If they wanted more information, they called SAS on the phone (they paid the long distance), and SAS sent out (via snail mail) printed marketing materials.

“Today the only way people find information on just about anything is via the web,” says Armistead. “The Yellow pages are dead, but search engines are very much alive.”

The new website is what our customers and our future customers see of SAS. It's our front door, our weekly ad, our catalog, our follow-up mailing and our brand. And, of course, there’s a content management system behind the scenes so you can continue to find the information most relevant to you.

Over the next few months, you’ll continue to see updates to  Country sites and user support sites will take on a similar look and feel, and technical content, like system requirements and support resources will be easier to find. Content, visuals and videos will evolve, and you will notice changes on almost every page.

You can find more details in this related article, and you can submit your feedback here. Let us know if you’re finding what you’re looking for – and if you have suggestions on how to make the site even better.


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  1. As with the SAS Software products and solutions, SAS Institute has catered for its audience with due diligence and plans for the future. Congratulations on a great looking and content rich redesign!

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