Who will help me save Datapolis?


The men, women and children of Datapolis are falling ill at an alarming rate, forcing me to turn my attention away from my ongoing battle with Obscuro and toward helping the Datapolis Council of Elders distribute its medicine before it is too late.

As it happens, just as we most urgently need to reach our citizens, the Datapolis health informatics systems have shattered, scattering trillions of bits of data across an infinite array of databases. Actuarial induction, dynamic scripting and processing, random population sampling, non-linear regression and predictive modeling… all are urgently needed to recompile this fractured health information into a single, specialized enterprise data warehouse from which we can quickly access, analyze and act. Otherwise, I see no hope for stopping this contagion and saving all of Datapolis.

It seems impossible to believe any one person could possibly have all these skills or the incredible speed and agility necessary to act in enough time. It may take countless teams, working nonstop for hundreds of years. Surely, if one such person existed, he or she would be demonstrating the bravery, brilliance and qualifications to join the League of Analytics Superheroes.

Are you that person? Will we be able to act in enough time to save Datapolis? Is this the end? Find me at SAS Global Forum on Monday, April 23 at 6:30 PM to find out.


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Dr. Insight

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Dr. Insight - Founder, The League of Analytic Superheroes Business intelligence leaders, have no fear. Now that Dr. Insight is here, data hoarders will think twice about limiting access to actionable analytic insight.

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