Andreas Becks
Head of Customer Advisory Insurance DACH

Andreas Becks leads a team of insurance experts, data governance professionals and data scientists advising insurance clients on how to use analytics to generate value and drive transformation in a changing market. His main focus is on data-based innovation and industrialization of analytics. His expertise in artificial intelligence, and deep knowledge of business intelligence and analytics mean that he is well-placed to help insurers to reimagine their business models and drive cultural change.

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence
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Actuarial Transformation: How Mr Kaiser's Retirement Is Turning Actuarial Mathematics Into a Disturbance

"Hello, Mr Kaiser!" Remember him? At least our dear German readers will: From the 1970s to the early 2000s he came to our living room before every newsreel. As the insurance representative of the nation, he embodied trust, closeness and fairness. Whether property, casualty or motor vehicle insurance, Günther Kaiser

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Students & Educators
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AI and the fear for your job: How an emotional debate can become a factual and constructive discussion

Will AI dramatically accelerate the division of our society into the “elite” and the “worried rest”? For example, will there be highly effective personalized medicine that only very few can afford? Will AI take over the automatable jobs of the middle class, while the highly qualified elite maintains or even

Advanced Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
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A reality check on artificial intelligence: Potential, limits and consequences

Gartner expects artificial intelligence (AI) to create 2 million new jobs by 2025. AI and machine learning are already an important part of business processes and business areas in many companies and organisations, making everyday work easier, optimising interactions with customers, reliably predicting the failure of machines or supporting the

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