SAS Summercamp brings innovations to next level

The words curious, passionate, accountable and authentic best describe the atmosphere around the SAS office in Huizen during the SAS D[N]A Lab Summercamp 2022. From 16-19 August, the Dutch SAS office was transformed into a real Summercamp, including an actual campsite.

During this four-day "deep hack," the brain cells of the 63 participants did quite some overtime. Startups and innovation teams were able to work on their data and analytics challenges together with SAS partners, consultants and data science experts to take their innovations to the next level. This first edition of the SAS Summercamp was a breeding ground for creative solutions, long-cherished breakthroughs and great collaborations.

Four days of working on complex issues

What started as a small idea quickly grew into a full-fledged event. The initial idea was to invite one startup to come and work at the SAS office on an analytics-related problem they were dealing with. A few months later, 11 teams were allowed to work with SAS Viya on their most complex issues for four days.

In the early mornings and evenings, the participants got to know each other better during various activities, from yoga and swimming to walking, cycling and gaming. Some of the participants even stayed overnight in tents (the cool orange tents were provided by our partner KNVB) on the estate, allowing them to escape their daily routines. While having a joint meal and engaging in social activities, much knowledge was exchanged among the teams, which led to new insights.

"By being fully immersed, completely unburdened and focused on working together on complex issues, the teams could do much more than they initially had dreamed of. In these four days, they accomplished more than in a regular workshop," said Arthur de Crook, Director of SAS D[N]A Lab and initiator of the SAS Summercamp. The great vibe led to breakthroughs in challenges the startups had been struggling with for some time.

The SAS Summercamp also provided an excellent opportunity to learn more about SAS Viya. The teams were enabled to use the latest analytics solutions and experienced how effective the software is for them. In addition, it was also possible to benefit from the knowledge and experience of data and analytics experts from SAS.

Getting excited for the next SAS Summercamp

After four days of hard work, all the teams presented the results of their efforts. It was great to feel the enthusiasm of the participants. One even asked if there would be a winter edition of the event.

The key to the success of this concept seems to be that one can get away from your daily activities for a while and fully concentrate on the topic at hand, plus the inspiring interactions with the other participants and SAS experts. The SAS Summercamp served as a true innovation hub for the participants and they left the SAS site with a lot of knowledge and energy!

Check out this aftermovie to experience the vibe of the SAS D[N]A Lab Summercamp.


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Arthur de Crook

Leading the incubation and acceleration programme of SAS Benelux, called SAS D[N]A Lab, Arthur de Crook is eager to position SAS as innovation partner and ecosystem driver in the space of data and analytics. With his enthusiasm and drive to foster innovation, and his experience as one of the founders of RoboValley in growing flourishing innovation ecosystems, he is set to empower the growth of meaningful and impactful innovation initiatives with the robust analytics foundation offered by SAS.

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