Grab a bike and ride like crazy!

French daredevil Eric Barone manages to reach 223.30 km/h on a mountain bike. Tesla Model S’ top speed is 210 km/h.

French daredevil Eric Barone manages to reach 223.30 km/h on a mountain bike. Tesla Model S’ top speed is 210 km/h.

The value
We don’t just use technology for the sake of technology, it should make things easier and more efficient! Understanding your data could involve a lot of steps, and we are eager to show you just how easy it can be done. Have you ever thought of a computer as your brain on a bicycle? 

Your bike
Did you by the way know that riding a bike is the most energy efficient way of moving around? A cyclist can travel about three miles (5 km) on the energy of one egg. On the other hand, you’d need lots of eggs riding a Tesla! I think this is a good picture where a human and bike outcompetes the car when it comes to energy efficiency. Daredevil Eric Barone can even ride a bike faster than a Tesla Model S. Machines are still best in combination with humans one way or the other.

Steve Jobs once said that a computer is like “our brains on bicycles”. Bicycles simply makes us more efficient and so does technology. Innovation incorporated; making something better and better or something new that radically changes the way something is done as a disruptive change. Technology advances and it affects your ride.

Your ride
Have you ever thought of the information potential of your phone? By using all the different sensors it could predict your life expectancy, interest of readings, locations, movements, response to content, reading speed, your mood, your health, weather conditions, activity level, your social life and much more. As an example your walking speed can be used to predict life expectancy. Your phone camera can be used to discover serious eye cancer. Can you even imagine how those functions could impact on how doctors or health assistants do their job? Is that a possible small improvement or a disruptive change? These are two small examples of how technology might change how we interact with our doctor.

Technology are making more and more changes to you and your surroundings. A new landscape is closing up and you’ll have new challenges to ride. You need to understand your landscape not to crash your bike. The pace of innovating has increased and you will see more frequent changes which could make your ride even more fearsome. Make sure you do the most out of your heritage.

Your heritage
I see data as the DNA of knowledge and knowing something makes me want to know more. Technology brings more frequent and new data that I have to act upon. I move around with sensors which makes me more aware of how my body functions and the state that I’m in. This makes me act more informed and I take better care of myself today than I did just years ago. Knowledge shapes me.

I’m quite sure this is just one early warning of the direction that the information society will take, and by that, how you approach that will be an essential part of not getting outcompeted at a personal or business level. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about how humans use technology to make a more efficient world as I see it. It will change your job: World Economic Forum: The Future of Jobs. World Economic Forum is clearly committed to one thing; improving the state of the world. Make sure you make the most out of your heritage and that you stay street smart. If you have a bike, make sure it fits your purpose and that you ride it well. You will have to travel further, faster and more efficient from where you stand today! That’s all we know that the future will bring. Are you ready for the starting line?

Ready, set, go!
We need you to make sure you perceive your surroundings right and that you ride through it with great technology. Innovate yourself and make a small improvement or a disruptive change! Make sure you attend “a day with your data” at our place. It will be a ride you remember!

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I strongly believe in technology as a facilitator for time to value performance. Great technology should unlock potential. The potential of moving and acting smarter in a world with increasingly detailed and rich data is huge, so why perform any less smart than you could have done?

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