Find, Develop and Retain your Data Scientist


A Data Science event in Stockholm, 5th of November 2015

It is my pleasure to invite you to a Data Science event in Stockholm, learn how you find, develop and retain your Data Scientists. According to McKinsey Big Data is the next frontier for competition. To capture this big data potential, companies must overcome a growing shortage of skilled data scientists.

Take part of the most comprehensive and innovative programs for data scientists in the market place. With 40 years of experience in analytics, we has combined the latest views on knowledge adoption that led to a flexible and open program that delivers Hard core or Citizen Data Scientists.

We have developed an aligned process for talent management incl recruitment and retention. Also unique aspects of braintraining a personal development coach, learning from real live cases and access to global networks of experts.

Agenda November 5:
13.30   Registration and coffeeData Scientist 42-61173121
14.00   Welcome and Introduction to the brain of the Data Scientist
14.45   The Data Science Academy
15.15   Break, coffee
15.30   Certified Data Scientist
16.00   Talent management for a Data Scientist (find, recruit, retain)
16.30   Data Scientist in real life
16.45   Q&A
17.00   Mingle with snacks and beverages

Attendees coming from HR, IT department, Consulting Mgrs and data analyst.

Confirm your attendance with an email to me . You are very welcome to invite your colleagues to this free event. Join us at the 5th of November, and welcome to SAS Stora Frösunda. Direction


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Patric Hellgren

Advisory Business Program Manager, Nordic

Patric believes that business analytics provides the best results when the three disciplines of business, IT and data science apply common language, methods, and models to real-world problems. He spends most of his time unpacking the complexities of blending data analytics, skills sharing and humanity in ways that contribute to higher business value. Patric built and established the SAS partner program in Sweden and has been part of the Swedish and Nordic management teams. Patric is also the Principal Architect for the Business Analytics Academy and Analytics Value Training program, where his mission is to develop, establish and drive business-driven training and capability programs. He uses an ecosystem approach to create the next generation workforce and competitive advantage for clients and partners.

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