AI: the hype and the promise for forecasting


Artificial Intelligence for Forecasting

Can artificial intelligence augment and amplify our forecasting efforts? Will AI impact our forecasting roles and processes? Does AI deliver the automation and forecast accuracy we've been pursuing?

These are the sorts of questions to be addressed by a stellar panel of world-class experts at the 2019 Foresight Practitioner Conference, November 13-14, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I hope you will join me and Len Tashman, Editor-in-Chief of Foresight, as we host this groundbreaking event with the theme "Artificial Intelligence: The Hype and the Promise for Forecasting and Planning."

2019 FPC

Nine Great Reasons to Attend

In addition to an expert panel discussion and networking with fellow attendees, hear these nine great speakers (full abstracts available on the conference page):

  • Spyros Makridakis (Creator of the M-Competitions) - Human Intelligence (HI) Versus Artificial Intelligence (AI) ¬†and Intelligence Augmentation (IA)
  • Stephan Kolassa (Data Science Expert, SAP) - Will Deep and Machine Learning Solve Our Forecasting Problems?
  • Eric Stellwagen (President, Business Forecast Systems) - A Winning Combination for Increasing Accuracy: AI-based Automatic Forecasting & Domain Knowledge
  • Rob Stevens (VP and Principal, First Analytics) - Machine Augmented Demand Planning
  • Shaun Snapp (Author of Supply Chain Systems) - The Data Implications for AI/ML Projects
  • Nada Sanders (Distinguished Professor, Supply Chain Management, Northeastern University) - Humachine: The Enterprise of the Future
  • Duncan Klett (Co-Founder & Fellow, Kinaxis) - Using AI/ML to deliver a smarter supply chain
  • Larry Vanston (President, Technology Futures) - Forecasting Artificial Intelligence
  • Bernie Wang (Sr. Machine Learning Scientist, Amazon) - Neural Forecasting at Amazon: Models, Tools and Applications

SAS forecasting customers may have particular interest in the presentation by Rob Stevens of First Analytics. Rob will include an example of how machine learning is used to guide demand planners in making overrides to statistical forecasts.

Early Bird Registration Discount Through September 9

Register by September 9 for the best prices. Bring your forecasting team, as groups of three or more receive extra discounts. Also, if you aren't already a member of the International Institute of Forecasters, this is a good opportunity to join and receive special IIF member pricing. Students are just $150 through September 9.

November is a great time to visit North Carolina, when autumn's cooler temperatures make even our indigenous copperhead and fire ant bites more enjoyable!


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Michael Gilliland is a longtime business forecasting practitioner and formerly a Product Marketing Manager for SAS Forecasting. He is on the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Forecasters, and is Associate Editor of their practitioner journal Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting. Mike is author of The Business Forecasting Deal (Wiley, 2010) and former editor of the free e-book Forecasting with SAS: Special Collection (SAS Press, 2020). He is principal editor of Business Forecasting: Practical Problems and Solutions (Wiley, 2015) and Business Forecasting: The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Wiley, 2021). In 2017 Mike received the Institute of Business Forecasting's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2021 his paper "FVA: A Reality Check on Forecasting Practices" was inducted into the Foresight Hall of Fame. Mike initiated The Business Forecasting Deal blog in 2009 to help expose the seamy underbelly of forecasting practice, and to provide practical solutions to its most vexing problems.

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