North Carolina DMV redux?


Did the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles regain its sanity? Or was this just another tease? As you recall from last year, my application for “THE BFD” personalized license plate was accepted – then rejected – even though that extra $30 fee could have eased at least some of the NC state budget crisis. (For example, by covering a day of bread and water for the many state government officials currently serving time in our penitentiaries, or buying them each a bar of soap-on-a-rope.)

August is again my license tag renewal month, and again I applied for “THE BFD” personalized plate, had the application accepted online, and had an extra $30 charged to my credit card. But this was just another tease after all…as within a week I received the dreaded “THIS PLATE MAY BE CONSIDERED IN POOR TASTE AND THEREFORE CANNOT BE ISSUED” letter and a $30 credit to my MasterCard.

The good news is that I get to keep my current plate that, by the curious and sometime fortuitous laws of chance that guide the universe, ends in “666” (no lie!). How did they know about me?

For this week’s educational content, check out “Business Analytics 101: Forecasting,” my guest posting on colleague Jonathan Hornby’s “Inspiring the future with business analytics” blog. Jonathan is author of Radical Action for Radical Times, and uses his blog to cover a wide variety of business analytics topics.


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