Flower Power: Transforming with Flower Essences (part 2)


In our last article, Flower Power - Exploring Flower Essences, you learned about floral essences and how these liquid petal potions contain the bioenergetic imprint of the flower’s chi or life force. They work with the emotions of the body as noted by cultures throughout the centuries and can enhance the bodily energy of the person using the elixir.

Since the release of the first article, I've had quite a few individuals ask how these floral liquids work and what might you experience when you take them. Before I do that, I’d like for you to consider your childhood. Is there a particular flower or blossom on a tree that appealed to you? If so, I invite you to close your eyes for a minute and visualize yourself with that blossom. In a few words, describe the way it made you feel.  My adjectives are bright, calm and inspired!

Blossoming Expectations

Phase 1 - Flower Bud

When you start taking flower essences (single or combination), you’ll most likely start to recognize things change a bit. In fact, the research shows that this can happen in the first few days of consistent use. What I mean is that during this “honeymoon” phase, you start to peel away the outer layer of stress, agitation or perhaps worry. You notice the little things. You hear the sound of wind chimes, birds singing or squirrels playing. They were always there but now you notice them. You see something on television that you’ve seen before but this time you see it differently. You’re more aware.

During this initial phase, the flower elixirs start to remove the impact of artificial substances. Think about this? Our worlds are full of artificial light, electronic light, Wi-Fi signals and lack of outside time. Most of us spend time inside buildings that lack outdoor air. When you take flowers internally or use in skincare products including soaps, the pure essence of the flower’s energy travels through the body along the meridian lines.

Phase 2 – Outer Petals

Now that you’re more mindful, you start to notice habits and patterns that have always been a part of your life, but you really haven’t slowed down enough to notice. You will consider what doesn’t feel “right” to you and what's not in harmony. It’s almost as if you’re peeling away the layers. You are more apt to want to make improvements and be your best self. For those who are people pleasers and putting themselves last, flower essences can wake you up and help you find self-care. As you evolve, you will start to notice behaviors that you’d like to change.

When you experience stress, you will be more observant and less reactive. You will catch yourself and simply look at emotions or situations more clearly almost as if you’re an outside observer. The usual autopilot that many humans experience will suddenly become obvious and things you’ve been wanting to do but putting off will be more important.

Phase 3 – Full Bloom

This is where the magic happens. When you are consistently taking flower essences, you notice people and situations that are supportive (as well as not supportive). You recognize what’s no longer serving you.  Sometimes this means letting go of friends, partners and even environments that are part of your life.  You notice if habits of yours or habits of others are not helping you be your best self. You even notice foods that don’t feel right to your body. Again, you are simply more aware on a deeper level.

An interesting example is a neighbor who was in a relationship with someone. She started taking a blend and within the first four days, she started wondering if this person was good for her. On day seven, she asked her friends their thoughts. Apparently, all were thinking this but didn’t want to say anything before to disrupt her relationship. When she asked, they felt obligated and free to tell her how they felt. Within ten days, she broke up with him and took time for herself. She realized she was in a rut and within two months, she had another job that elevated her. Within seven months, after giving herself time to be comfortable with what she wanted in life, she found true love. Three years later, they are married and expecting their first child. This is simply one observation of many. I love these stories of finding oneself and truly being the person they are intended to be.  For more information on the power of flowers, check out these studies.

Floral Summary

Flower essences are amazing! I've been using them for years and feel the benefits.  It's really a beautiful process to consider.  The energy from the sun ignites the flowers and we can capture the life force of nature in a bottle. It’s like bringing the outdoors in, especially if you don’t get a lot of time in nature and in the sunlight. People who use these powerful petals are more confident and able to work through goals without distraction. They are more focused, calm, and considerate. Flowers magnify our strengths while also identifying what isn’t serving our best interest. Who doesn’t want to dissolve stress, be calmer, more productive and their best self?! The beauty of this is that you will also impact people around you. Your courage, calm and power will be contagious, and people will ask what’s different about you.  Flower remedies accelerate the process of helping you find true happiness. The radiance of the flower is glowing from the inside out!  When you’re happy, you make other people happy.  


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