Celebrate Pi Day with this Baked Apple Pi Workout


Join the Recreation & Fitness Center and have some fun celebrating #PiDay2020 by "baking apple pie" in this workout!  Complete 3(.14)  😉 rounds of 1 minute of each exercise.

--> Please check with your physician before participating in any exercise program.

  • Picking apples – Alternating Overhead Shoulder Press
  • Flour Bag Carry – Med Ball or Sandbag Carry
  • Cracking Eggs – Slam Ball Slams
  • Egg Beater – Alternating Battle Rope Waves
  • Cinnamon Shaker – Med Ball Russian Twists
  • Apple Peeler – Alternating Bent Over Row
  • Apple Chopper – Dumbbell Wood Chop
  • Apple Tosser – Med Ball or Stability Ball Hands to Feet Transfers
  • Stir the bowl – Stability Ball Planks with Elbow Circles
  • Apple Bottoms – Squat with Arms Out
  • Rolling Out the Dough – TRX Roll Outs
  • Pressing the Crust – TRX Chest Press

Printable: Pi Day Workout by Lisa Hinkle



About Author

Lisa Hinkle

Assistant Manager, Recreation & Fitness Center

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, doing everything from teaching group exercise to performing fitness tests on factory line workers in car assembly plants. She received her Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Health Promotion from Miami University in Oxford, OH. After working in a hospital-based fitness facility in South Bend, Indiana, a job at Duke University’s Center for Living brought her here to North Carolina. Lisa has been with SAS for almost 13 years and is currently the Assistant Manager at the Recreation & Fitness Center. She loves showing people that exercise can be fun and should be a part of their daily lives. Lisa stays active with her wonderful husband and middle school son through soccer and running races together. She is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, a certified rehabilitation specialist through the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association, and a certified group exercise and Pilates instructor.

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