Happy Holidays from the RFC!


Staff parties, holiday treats, indoor snow days, the list of welcomed distractions continues.  This time of year is full of festivities  that call for our attention.  The choices can be daunting at times.  Sometimes they derail us from our plans and progress. What can you do to manage the madness?

  • Plan buffer time in between activities. As you build in margin, this affords you a 5 minute workout or 1-2 minutes of deep breathing.  If you go back to back to back, it only makes sense to expect exhaustion.  Ask yourself what do you need right now?  It could be as simple as a five minute walk or a minute of silent deep breathing. Your best self is waiting in the margins.
  • Perhaps this time is a good opportunity to practice flexing your "No" muscle.  No is a complete sentence.  Competing committments vie for your time and energy, but only you know what will keep you well.  Prioritize and leave the rest.
  • Practice the something is better than nothing mantra!   Put this in gear, and you won't be worse for the wear, I promise.  All or nothing doesn't work (most of the time--see how I did that).   Ten minutes here, another short walk there, a glass of water here, a sweet, but short nap there...it's like sprinkling the holiday spirit all over!  Approach your self care this way and you are bound to be successful over the holidays.  A little goes a long way.

If you are running short on time or creativity, try these RFC designed workouts.  Our very own crew will be with you cheering you on towards success.

5 Minute Workout
Better than Nothing Workout
12 Days of Fitmas

We look forward to a new year full of fun with you!


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Rebecca Allen

Recreation and Fitness Program Coordinator Wellness

Rebecca E. Allen is passionate about helping others develop and nurture practices of well-being.   She earned her BS in Sociology and MA in Exercise and Sport Science and holds fitness certifications from ACE, AFAA,, IFTA, and Tai Chi for Health Institute.  She is a Medical Exercise Specialist and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT. Rebecca enjoys long walks in the woods with her husband, Chip Davis.

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