Say hello to Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM)!


During the month of May thousands of employers and tens of thousands of employees all over the world take an in depth look at how to be more proactive about their health and fitness.  This year we challenge you to be curious about your own health and fitness. Come in and talk to your trainers!  Wondering why they're having you perform a weird, crazy exercise?  Ask! Trust me, we LOVE to talk about fitness. Most fitness centers have trainers on staff or, like at the RFC, on duty on the Fitness Floor who are ready to answer those sets, reps, and form questions!

This year at the RFC, we're celebrating Global Employee Health and Fitness Month with:

  • Sports Day
  • Fuel Your Training Seminar
  • Clean Living Expo
  • GEHFM Fun Day featuring the GEHFM 5K and Food Truck Rodeo and a Virtual 5K option for our Regional Employees
  • Workout of the month

For this year’s workout, I’ve put together a program that consists of  squat, bench, and deadlift variations.  Why? I’m a huge fan of these three lifts. They are the foundation of almost every single exercise. If you can squat, press, and pull properly, chances are you can successfully take on any new exercise. Below you’ll see a progression for each of the exercises with the basic movement at the top and the most challenging at the bottom. Choose the variation that you’re able to perform with good form and complete 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Let us know what you’ve learned this month below!


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