Move of the Month: "Farmer's" Carry


It's as easy as walking, right?  Well, give it a try.  October’s move of the month is the “Farmer’s” Carry.  It is a SUPER-simple, full body, traveling exercise.   It incorporates core stabilization and a familiar daily activity - walking.  All you  have to do is walk + carry something...preferably something heavy.  Easy enough, right?

Take relatively small stesp and make sure your shoulder blades are in their "homes" while your core is braced for stability.  Think of gripping with your core rather than your hand or forearm.  If you choose keep one arm over your head, maintain the weight directly above your shoulder...not too far back or forward...just right!  Whether you choose the asymmetrical suitcase carry, or opt for a symmetrical load, this exercise is bound to build endurance and coordinate your stabilizers to work together!  Training for daily life--direct transfer to carrying groceries, kids, and other heavy stuff!  Grab some dumbells, kettlebells, weight plates or a combination and take a "farmer's" walk!



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Rebecca E. Allen is passionate about helping others develop and nurture practices of well-being.   She earned her BS in Sociology and MA in Exercise and Sport Science and holds fitness certifications from ACE, AFAA,, IFTA, and Tai Chi for Health Institute.  She is a Medical Exercise Specialist and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT. Rebecca enjoys long walks in the woods with her husband, Chip Davis.

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