Three pillars of better business outcomes: information management, analytics, and campaign optimization


Lately, in consulting with customers about SAS solutions, I’m increasingly seeing discussions revolve around 3 inter-related but distinct segments: Information Management, Analytics, and Campaign Optimization. In the past, these discussions might have happened with 3 different audiences in 3 different meetings, but we are seeing a massive convergence across these areas, and SAS is well positioned to have that conversation.

Information Management drives the foundation of an agile, flexible, integrated, and high quality data platform. This foundation drives more accurate and effective analytics, which in turn drives better business outcomes in the form of more appropriate treatment of customers using the most appropriate channel. Making a timely, relevant offer to your customers is the best way to increase retention, improve the customer experience and increase revenue. It’s so easy to forget when you are down in the weeds with your data, for example, determining what attributes constitute your master entity for Customer, that it’s absolutely essential that IT aligns directly with the strategic goals of your company and that you govern your data with the focus of delivering business value.

As leaders in the Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Data Governance, Data Integration, and Data Quality spaces, SAS is uniquely situated to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to meet these needs. No-one else knows better how to prepare data for analytical usage, how to apply predictive analytics to select the right campaign, or, more tactically speaking, how to embed scoring inside of an ETL or DQ job. As our CMO, Jim Davis, has said in this entertaining video: we don’t sell hardware, we don’t sell databases, we sell analytical solutions that drive better business outcomes.

What are some of the challenges you are seeing today? What are the 3 main pillars that drive business value for your organization?


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@bigdatamagnet - Matthew is a TEDx speaker, musician, and Catan player. He is currently the Global Product Marketing Manager for SAS Data Management focusing on Big Data, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Data Integration and Data Governance. Previously, Matthew was an Information Management Solutions Architect at SAS, worked as a Certified Data Management Consulting IT Professional at IBM, and is a recovering software engineer and entrepreneur. Mr. Magne received his BS, cum laude, in Computer Engineering at Boston University, has done graduate work in Object Oriented Development and completed his MBA at UNCW.

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