Three guidelines for a great customer experience



Think about what makes you shop at the same place over and over again. Is it attention to detail or the fact that you're always remembered? What makes a good customer experience, regardless of channel?

Darren Stoll, Group Vice President of Marketing at recommends these three guidelines for retailers:

  1. Think about the customer, not the channel. “Customer centricity demands omnichannel thinking,” says Stoll.
  2. Shop her way. “Frame everything around what she loves and what experience she expects,” says Stoll.
  3. Use a strategic + tactical customer lens. “If I know the customer has activities they want to accomplish, I know what I need to produce to guide and inform her visit,” says Stoll.

Stoll discussed the omnichannel strategy for at The Retail Big Show in New York City last month.

“There’s tremendous power in having all this information about how a customer interacts with us,” he said. “But it’s still early days.” Capturing data and figuring out how to best leverage that data to improve the customer experience will only continue to grow in importance for retailers.

Learn more about the different expectations shoppers have for different channels and find out what data points alone can change the way you think about smartphone activity by reading the full article, "The value is in the visit, not just the sale."


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