The future of customer intelligence (CI) and integrated marketing management (IMM) solutions


Over the next few weeks, I will address the topic of where I see Customer Intelligence (CI) and Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions moving over the next 3-5 years. I have been doing some work around strategy and really considering how our marketing strategy will align with our product vision going forward. At the core, there are a few trends I’m seeing in the marketplace that I think all vendors in our arena will need to account for. Being able to answer how your solutions accomplish the following 3 P’s (McCarthy and Kotler would be proud) will be crucial when selling in to customers interested in Integrated Marketing Management.

Profitable. How do your solutions help my company generate profitable growth? Not just value for one group, but profitable growth throughout the organization. I’ll provide some specific examples here of how companies move from just deriving value into sustained profitable growth.

Productive. How do your solutions make my entire organization more productive? The mandate going forward will be to simplify my processes, provide a superior product, and tackle tough day-to-day issues that my organization faces with simple user interfaces. How can SAS Customer Intelligence solutions make the individuals inside my organization more productive? With higher productivity comes improved business processes.

Pervasive. – Are your solutions pervasive? When I say this I mean are your solutions a staple or a “go-to” when needing to solve an issue (marketing/customer/marcom/brand) across the enterprise. Do your solutions provide results and information that can be leveraged across the organization by departments outside of marketing – in order to further the overall prosperity of the business?

I’d like to touch on each of these and tell you a bit about how SAS is providing solutions that help generate profitable growth, increase productivity, and can be used pervasively across an organization.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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Jonathan Moran

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Senior Product Marketing Manager focusing on the SAS Customer Intelligence Solutions. Over 10 years experience in the Customer Intelligence industry. Very interested in the rise of social, the profitability of customers, and best practice retention strategies. Love talking sports, family, and music!

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