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Building customer profiles in the era of big data

Following my latest blogpost on the subject of executing omni-channel strategies, the first step is to obtain a greater overview and understanding of your customers. In recent years, the massive increase in data volumes and the variety of sources have completely changed the concept of customer profiles for most companies. From

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A process for executing an omni-channel strategy

One of the central marketing concepts for most companies across industries in recent time is omni-channel marketing. The main idea is to ensure a consistent and comprehensive customer experience across all points of interactions, regardless of time, place and context. Appealing as the thought might be, most companies struggle with

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Agile Marketing for increasing market dynamics

What would you do if you discovered that a completely new type of player entered your market with a ground-breaking approach? This is a situation that almost every industry faces at some point. To mention a couple of examples: The Nordic IT start-up Skype challenged telco’s bread-and-butter telephony together with

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Marketing is embracing digitalization and analytics

I recently read a very interesting article from McKinsey: The seven habits of highly effective digital enterprises. One of the most interesting areas successful companies are focusing on is customer centricity.  It comes more and more into play as higher customer demands are pressuring traditional value chains. Marketers in several

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A tailor-made game changer for the CMO

Recently I held a webinar for a Nordic audience of people responsible for marketing, discussing the subject of marketing mix optimization, which I believe to be a game changer for companies in the years to come. The reason: A continuous proliferation of touch points is putting pressure on our organization

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Dit største aktiv kan blive din største svaghed

”Sanoma wants to become a truly consumer-centric and data-driven company.” Det var et af hovedbudskaberne fra Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen, Vice President, Customer Insight and Analytics hos Sanoma, på SAS Executive Insight den 18. september i København. Det er samtidig baggrunden for virksomhedens big data-satsning. Sanoma er et større europæisk mediehus, som traditionelt