How the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies exceeds customer expectations


Just today we published a new “success story,” our term for customer testimonial, with a great customer of ours, Chubb. As I was reading through the story, I realized what a complex environment insurance marketers find themselves in, especially when independent insurance agents are in the mix, issuing the policies for their specialty insurance products.

Insurance marketing must deliver on many fronts, and making agents aware of new products is the easy part; it becomes tougher when marketers have responsibility to help agents understand how to acquire new customers, and how to suggest new products to existing customers, based on predictions about their next logical purchase. To do this right involves combining and analyzing customer data from internal and external sources, including demographic data, historical underwriting and claims data, and more. And once you’ve done this data integration and analytical work, marketers have to have a process and system in place to make this critical market data available to everyone who needs it.

I read through the interview, between our writer and Jeff Hoffman, Senior Vice President, Market Planning and Performance for the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. It was interesting that Jeff talked about the evolution of marketing, and how ten years ago, through analytics, they began revealing new things that just hadn't seen before, and different ways to view customer data and segments that were never thought of in the past. And how today, it is a part of their culture to be analytical driven, and to manage and drive behaviors through metrics. I believe many of us can relate to this evolution, and find ourselves making more and more marketing decisions based on customer analytics.

Have a look at the story, Chubb fills its niche with SAS® Customer Intelligence, and learn how Chubb is moving closer to their customers and making marketing decisions with confidence.



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