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I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing General Colin Powell share his viewpoints about leadership as the keynote speaker for PBLS11.  I have found that so much of what he’s shared is relevant for marketers, because great marketing happens by teams of people, all working for the same purpose.  It’s an environment where leadership can make a difference between good and great.  So here are some of the pearls of wisdom from the twitter stream during his session today:

  • Don't bring problems to yourself that belong to someone else. Colin Powell at #PBLS11
  • We are a nation of nations and inspiration to the rest of the world. Let's never forget that. - Colin Powell at #PBLS11
  • Colin Powell validating that in today's digital world, searchability is powerful. #PBLS11 Use analytics to turbocharge that power.
  • Colin Powell: The world evolves quickly and transactionally - business needs to operate transactionally. #PBLS11
  • Add passion to purpose then people believe in you. #pbls11 Repeat over and over and you really make an impact.
  • Colin Powell emphasizing that leaders make human connections, empower and recognize contributions #PBLS11
  • Leadership is the same across all industries. Leaders lead. You empower your followers. Colin Powell #PBLS11
  • "America must be proud, brave and open to the rest of the world." - Colin Powell at #PBLS11
  • Education starts at home and is critical to addressing the income inequality issue in the US--Gen. Colin Powell. #PBLS11
  • "In one generation, minorities of America will be majority. We cannot afford to not educate them. " -Colin Powell #pbls2011
  • It isn't where you start in life it is where you end up. Colin Powell #pbls2011
  • A self deprecating world leader offers great pearls of wisdom mixed with good humor. Colin Powell at #PBLS11
  • Gen Colin Powell got on Twitter and Facebook to keep up w/grandkids (teaching their Papi how to talk to them now) #pbls11
  • I was born analog and they (grandchildren) are digital.- Colin Powell #pbls11
  • #PBLS11 Colin Powell witnesses the optimism across America and wishes Congress would listen!
  • "If you're over 70 years old & you're having any kind of emotional problem, buy a Corvette." - Colin Powell #pbls2011
  • Gen. Colin Powell is inspired by the optimism and confidence he sees in the audience at #PBLS11. Thank you, sir!

Please let us know which of these tweets are your favorites, and feel free to add your own thoughts about leadership in marketing.  And thanks again for following!


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