Lead management automation – how we did it and what we learned


This is my first post on this blog so let me introduce myself. I am Will Waugh – I am responsible for campaign management, channel optimization and marketing investment for Financial Services in the US. I am a B2B marketer with some big time business challenges.

Traditional campaign management means running a campaign with a specific beginning and end, hopefully with a transaction tied to it. Digital technologies have changed everything. Not only have the channels increased, but buyer behavior has forever changed.

Here is a sampling of the challenges we've faced:

  • Our ability to respond to online behaviors, specifically inbound leads at different points in the buy cycle, was cumbersome.
  • The ability to identify hot leads from cold leads needs more rigor and science.
  • Campaign management needs to be multichannel.
  • The need to deliver personalized content or offers at the right time is becoming an absolute must

A report by Forrester gave us strong guidance and insight and we embraced a Lead Management Automation Framework after a successful lead nurturing pilot opened our eyes to the possibilities. The whitepaper embedded at the end of this post , "Solving the Challenge of Lead Management Automation," tells our story.

We are interested to know what other challenges B2B marketers are facing - specifically when it comes to the online world. Please let us know your thoughts by posting a comment, sending an email (will.waugh@sas.com) or a tweet @willwaugh - whatever suits your fancy. We are constantly refining our strategy - something I will write more about -- as well as looking at our data and technology differently - which my colleague, Matt Fulk will talk about in future posts.

Solving the Challenge of Lead Management Automation


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Will Waugh

Will Waugh is an interactive marketer at SAS. Areas of expertise include: digital marketing, lead nurturing, ecommerce, marketing automation, search, marketing analytics and evolving our use of SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. His career spans across multiple marketing disciplines including advertising, promotions, marketing analytics, social and digital marketing. Follow on Twitter: @willwaugh


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