Using SAS to Develop a B2B Lead Nurturing model


Rewind to the summer of 2009.

Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody was burning up the charts, Pixar’s Up was collecting a fistful of Academy Award nominations, and SAS’ marketing organization was committing to take our digital marketing efforts to another level.

SAS, deeply interested with the challenge of nurturing visitors, decided to set a twofold goal: (1) improve the experience of our online visitors; and (2) make a distinction between visitors ‘just browsing’ and those ‘ready to buy’. To make that happen, we had to learn more about visitor behavior and work to apply that knowledge to deliver relevant content. Lucky for us, the insight we needed could be delivered with software developed right here at SAS.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2010.

Using SAS Software, we have a technology pilot running and can already see results. Two measures worth mentioning:

  1. Our click-thru rates have soared up to 12%
  2. We’ve impacted more than $1.5 million in the sales pipeline.

Not bad, considering the pilot has only been running six months. What have we done?

So far, we’ve completed two phases of the project. Phase one focused on creating a lead nurturing program using SAS CI Studio and SAS Digital Marketing, and phase two focused on customer and prospect data integration. Phase three, started in July, is focused on using SAS Marketing Optimization to optimize email marketing lists across all U.S. field marketing campaigns.”

Stay tuned. Over the next few months I’ll continue to post about our efforts, success, and frustrations. Chime in with any questions or requests for further details.


About Author

Matthew Fulk

Senior Manager, Database Marketing

Matt Fulk is the Senior Manager of Database Marketing at SAS. He is responsible for driving the marketing automation, lead management, lead nurturing, list optimization, reporting and marketing analytics strategies for all US Marketing. For the past 10 years, Fulk has led the database marketing efforts at SAS. Fulk holds a BA from Purdue University., and on Twitter: @mattdfulk.


  1. Larry Mosiman on

    Great post Matt - its nice to see how we're expanding the use of SAS Marketing Automation to another new area across SAS.

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