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I painstakingly created my official schedule for Blogworld Expo earlier this week and realized half-way through the exercise that almost every session I'm planning to attend is part of the Social Media Business Summit, which, as far as I can tell, is like a conference within a conference.

I probably could have saved myself a lot time if I'd just shown up and attended everything in that track, but I like to be organized. And I really thought I'd end up picking a few more presentations from the Content, Community or New Media 201 tracks. Turns out, whoever planned the Business Summit track has me in mind. I can see myself applying almost every one of those presentations to the work I do at SAS.

As usual, I'll plan to blog at least a few presentations every day. The usual for me, however, is a SAS conference, where I'm one of only one or two bloggers at the event. We'll see how this plays out for me at a blogging conference, where I'm one of a few thousand bloggers in attendance all fighting for the same wifi and power outlets.

In the off chance that everything goes according to my plan, here's a list of the sessions I'm hoping to live blog or, as I like to say, semi-live blog:

  • Opening Keynote by Scott Stratten. I'm already interested in the statement that emotion and passion are more important than frequency in blogging.
  • Social Media and the C-Suite: Selling the Board Room, with panelists Adan Cohen, Jaime Punishill, Zena Weist and moderator Adam Cohen.
  • The challenge of social media adoption at the enterprise level with Len Devanna, Michael Brito and Shawn Morton.
  • Social Media & SEO: Boost engagement & revenue through blog content by Lee Odden.
  • Moving from social media to social CRM): From fans and followers to customers and advocates by Brent Leary.
  • Managing group blogs by Cathy Brooks.
  • Effective B2B social media strategies with panelists Kip Bodnar, Kirsten Watson, LaSandra Brill and moderator Jeffrey Cohen.

One other sessions I wish was available:
In addition to the multiple How to turn friends and fans into customers type sessions, what I'd love to see is a session titled, How to turn customers into friends and fans. I think Brent Leary's session will address this, but I feel like the equation is backwards in the title (and there's more than one session with this same type of title).

Check back tomorrow right here, where I'll be writing blog posts about blogging from a business conference wrapped inside a blogging conference. You follow?


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  1. Hi Alison,
    Maybe we should have tweaked the title a bit there. Hopefully Jacob Morgan and I will be able to address a few things in that area for you.
    Looking forward to meeting you at BWE!

  2. It was a great & useful session, Brent - one of the few at blogworld that talked beyond the basics of engagement to really implementing systems to track improvements made through social media efforts.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Alison. They are greatly appreciated. Sorry we didn't have a chance to speak. Will you be back in Vegas for the SAS Leadership event? If so maybe we can talk then.
    Thanks again!

  4. I won't be in Vegas next week but my co-workers Kelly and Anne-Lindsay will be there writing blog posts and conducting interviews. Maybe you'll get a chance to talk to them.

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