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How do marketers help to fight terrorism?

Today I experienced one way...run a top-notch conference that allows private sector banks, law enforcement and regulatory agencies to come together and collaborate with an objective to stop Terrorism Financing.

Just two days before the anniversary of the largest terrorist attack on US soil, the SAS campus hosted 400+ people from the US and Canadian Governments; commercial banks: Bank of America, RBC, Ally; federal and state law enforcement. All came together to discuss how to jointly prevent the financing of terrorist and criminal activities. Where else would you find these institutions, plus Senators from both sides of the aisle, encouraging collaboration toward a common goal? I was awestruck as I listened to the Chief Compliance Officer of Bank of America, Charles Bowman, state "we can make this world a safer place".

James A. Dinkins, Executive Associate Director of Homeland Security told stories of investigation of crimes on a scale I could not imagine. He ended his keynote with a message, again, to the commercial banks. "We cannot do it without you. While implementing the regulations are onerous, your efforts are making a difference."

We can and do make a difference, every day. Big thanks and kudos to our SAS Marketing team who made this collaborative effort possible.


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