Integrating social media into your overall strategy: my presentation at the Ragan event at Cisco


This week I'll be heading to Cisco in San Jose for the Social Media Summit, put on by Ragan Communications. I'm excited to be attending and even more so to be presenting. I attended a Ragan event at SAS about two years ago, before I took on the Social Media Manager role, and met a lot of smart and inspiring folks, including Shel Holtz and Lee Aase.

The title of my presentation is, "Can 11,000 employees speak with one voice? How SAS is taking social media from grassroots to an integrated strategy." (SPOILER ALERT: 11,000 employees cannot speak with one voice, and I wouldn't want them to even if they could.)

I'll be talking about what we've learned in developing our social media guidelines and recommendations for SAS employees and how to effectively create your own. More than that, we'll discuss how a comprehensive and practical social media policy can form the basis for your social media strategy as a whole.

Whether you're talking policy or strategy, it all starts with some basics: knowing what your goals are and how you define success, and getting all the right people together in the same room.

If you're attending the conference, let me know what you most want to talk about. Let me know even if you aren't attending the conference. We'll be using the hashtag #RaganCisco. Expect some great content.

Oh, and am I a little nervous that I'll be onstage immediately before Guy Kawasaki? Yes, but not as much as if I were following him.


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