All you need is a Flip video camera. Also, boundless energy and determination.


No matter how active you are in social media, there's probably someone out there who makes you feel like a cloistered misanthrope. I've met four of those people in the last couple of weeks: Wayne Sutton, Jeff Cohen, Kipp Bodnar and Ryan Boyles. I'm not sure it's possible with the tools readily available to me to calculate the total number of online presences among the four of them. It makes me wonder what they're doing that I'm not (caffeine megadosing? voodoo?) or, more likely, what I'm doing that they're not (watching TV, sleeping).

Kipp and Jeff came to SAS on Tuesday to discuss what we've learned so far about implementing social media into our communications. It was up on the web by Thursday. And they both have day jobs. It took me longer to write a 200-word post about it than it did for them to do it.

Here's part one of the interview:

David Thomas, SAS Social Media Manager, Part 1 from Jeff Cohen on Vimeo.


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  1. Dave,
    Always happy to get more info but at what looks like over 10 minutes (for part 1) I'm having trouble finding the time to watch it all. Also, where was this, er, videoed? I have to crank up my speakers to hear it.
    Wishing you 2.0 success,

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