A 360 degrees journey around your digital customers with CI360


Marketing AnalyticsWe all know that when customers are interested in a new product or service that you offer, digital channels are most often their first, and probably unique, point of interaction.

What if every time customers interacted with you, they got exactly what they needed, with minimal effort? Marketers should use everything they know about a customer, such as both internal and online data, to enable more relevant, targeted and individualized communications on all marketing touch points.

A Complete and Unified Customer Centric View: it’s 360!

The data captured should be not simply about pages and clicks: it is about people! Traditional web analytics products keep page-click data at an aggregate level and make it difficult to translate those page clicks into a view of the customer. In contrast, we should capture the complete online behavior of customers at a detailed granularity level and can associate it with existing offline customer data sources, e.g. promotional, demographic and purchase-based information, to provide a complete picture of the customer.

Capturing the wealth of information that customers leave on your website (their buying plans, significant life changes, etc.) and effectively integrating it with a repository of personalized offers and content that are ready for presentation at the right moment would lead to a much-improved customer experience while also satisfying customers’ privacy preferences and concerns.

In addition, multiple decision-making methods, from simple business rules to more advanced predictive models, would help ensure that the customer gets the most relevant and personalized offers.

Black box analytics is dark: we have blue boxes

Most marketing organizations do not have the in-house expertise to develop the latest forecasting techniques for their marketing initiatives. SAS CI360 includes pre-built analytics (called blue box analytics) that can give you a forward-looking view of your customers’ journeys. It enables you to understand the most significant business drivers, forecast how drivers and business measures will perform in the future and run goal-seeking routines to determine optimal levels needed, even if you do not have a statistician on staff.

SAS CI 360

With CI360 you gain a more complete view of your customers by dynamically capturing interactions, transform those individual interactions into customer-centric knowledge and then integrate this knowledge with customer insight from other channel views. It enables you to more effectively understand, model and effectively market to customers who visit your web properties.

Moreover, you can effectively target and deliver offers to customers who have interacted with your organization via digital channels such as email, mobile apps or the web.


No worries: start small!

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 uses dynamic data collection technology that avoids channel-based web analytics tagging, enabling rapid transformation of digital data into customer-focused insight. You can take that data and turn it into insight to make more accurate decisions about customers during real-time interactions. By doing this, brand marketers can meet each customer’s needs at the right time, place, and context. That is why “360” is in the name. It provides a complete view of everything needed to optimize the individual customer journey.

If you want to learn more about how you can plan, analyze, manage and track the customer journey on digital channels , don’t miss to register for the live free webinar “SAS Customer Intelligence 360 - The Revolution of Digital Marketing” that will be held on November 30th.


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Federico Alberto Pozzi is a senior solutions specialist in IMM & Analytics at SAS Italy. The Ph.D. he obtained in Computer Science allowed him to acquire outstanding expertise on Machine Learning and Text Analytics (in particular, Sentiment Analysis) applied to Social CRM, Social Learning and Digital Media Entertainment. He also collected important international experiences: among different international research collaborations, he had a fruitful and long collaboration with Prof. Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Prof. Emeritus Gautam Mitra (Brunel University, London and OptiRisk Systems). Federico has published two books on Sentiment Analysis and several scientific publications in important journals and conferences.

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