Tunay Gunes

Tunay has 8 years of experience in IT Software Solutions Technical engineering and a leading solutions consultant in IT & Telecommunication sectors. During his career, he has worked in different roles such as System Support Engineer, Service Assurance Specialist, Technical Consultant, Lead Solutions Consultant in Microsoft, Jhonson Controls, TTnet and HPE/Microfocus companies. Prior to joining SAS, he worked as a Lead Solution Consultant in HPE/Microfocus. His responsibilities included managing statements of projects, managing technical teams on delivery and their responsibilities across Greece and Turkey and supporting EMEA area. Tunay holds a Master degree in Management Information Systems from Yıldız Technical Turkey and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University California of Los Angeles(UCLA) and Mathematics from Eskişehir University(OGU). In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, alpinisim, camping, travelling and music.