Russ Albright
Principal Research Statistician Developer

Russ Albright is a research statistician developer at SAS. Over the past 15 years, his text mining work has involved algorithm development, statistical modeling, and high performance computing. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Clemson University and enjoys helping customers use SAS software on their text analytics problems.

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Focusing your Text Mining with Search Queries

Recently, I have been thinking about how search can play more of a part in discovery and exploration with SAS Text Miner. Unsupervised text discovery usually begins with a look at the frequent or highly weighted terms in the collection, perhaps includes some edits to the synonym and stop lists,

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SAS® Text Miner 14.1: Faster!

A new version of SAS® Text Miner and SAS® High-Performance Text Mining has recently been made available and I want to demonstrate some of the performance improvements that can be gained with this release. I’ll use a topic analysis that discovers the main themes in a document collection and consists