Patrick Hall
Senior Machine Learning Scientist

Patrick Hall was the 11th person worldwide to become a Cloudera certified data scientist. He designs new data mining and machine learning technologies for SAS. Talk to him about data on Twitter, Linkedin, or Quora.

Machine Learning
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An introduction to machine learning

Machine learning is moving into the mainstream. Once the sole purview of academic researchers and advanced technology firms, machine learning is now being is used by many companies in more traditional industry verticals. Machine learning uses mathematical (not necessarily statistical) models to learn about data. In this context, learning about

Advanced Analytics | Machine Learning
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SAS on GitHub

Right now I’m crossing the Pacific toward Australia and New Zealand for the 21st ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (a.k.a. KDD), a Data Science Melbourne MeetUp, and the SAS Users of New Zealand conference. New Zealand is the birthplace of open source R. So this trip