Natalia Summerville

Natalia Summerville holds a PhD in Operations Research from North Carolina State University and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico). Natalia Summerville leads the Operations Research Practice at SAS Institute and has 10+ years of experience leading design, development and implementation of Operations Research and Machine Learning Applications for a variety of industries including Retail, Health Care, Transportation, Manufacturing and Media Advertising, among others. Natalia has been also teaching undergrad and masters-level classes in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and Data Analytics since 2005 and currently is Adjunct Professor and North Carolina State University and Lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Natalia is deeply passionate about Data4Good movement and has been collaborating with many non-profit and mission-driven organizations to implement data analytics for social good and is an active volunteer with Data4Good.

Advanced Analytics
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Maximize product quality with Optimization and Machine Learning models

Machine Learning models are becoming widely used to formulate and describe processes’ key metrics across different industry fields.  There is also an increasing need for the integration of these Machine Learning (ML) models with other Advanced Analytics methodologies, such as Optimization. Specifically, in the manufacturing industry, SAS explored state-of-the-art science