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Mike has over 19 years of experience in the CRM, technology and software industry, and for over five years has been responsible for the SAS Customer Intelligence Solution business across UK, Ireland and recently Nordic markets. He regularly meets with senior management in leading business to consumer organisations across financial services, insurance, retail, communication and service industries cementing the value of data driven decisions in multi-channel CRM processes and digital integration.

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Talentsuche - Datenanalysespezialisten bitte vortreten!

In fast jedem Vortrag zum Thema Analytics geht es irgendwann auch um Talentsuche und den vielbeschworenen Fachkräftemangel. Diskutiert wurden eben diese Herausforderungen auch beim CI Connection Circle von SAS in Nizza. Welche Maßnahmen Unternehmen ergreifen sollten, um begabte Datenspezialisten anzuziehen und nachhaltig an sich zu binden, war bereits in diesem

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How customer intelligence can win hearts and minds

In today’s digital age, products have become increasingly commoditised, requiring organisations to shift their focus towards ensuring the customer experience becomes their biggest differentiator. Previously, the customer experience journey was a string of static, one-dimensional encounters. But now, thanks to big data and the resulting innovations it can provide, customer