Jon Lemon
Senior Industry Analyst, Federal Government

Jon Lemon has spent seven years at SAS helping federal, state and local government customers prevent fraud and manage performance. Prior to becoming a Solutions Specialist for SAS Federal, Lemon was a budget director at the Department of Homeland Security, where he formulated, executed and managed over $4.5 billion of appropriated funds annually. He also worked with Booz Allen Hamilton, where he supported performance management and fraud detection and prevention efforts throughout multiple federal civilian and defense agencies. He holds an MBA degree and a Finance Bachelor of Science degree.

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Four-step approach to government fraud detection

Every day there are news stories of fraud perpetrated against federal government programs. Topping the list are Medicaid and Medicare schemes which costs taxpayers an estimated $100 billion a year. Fraud also is rampant in other important federal programs, including unemployment and disability benefits,  health care, food stamps, tax collection,