John Farrelly
Regional Director Ireland

John Farrelly is the country manager of SAS Ireland, having been appointed to this role in 2009. He joined SAS Ireland in 2006 to drive the public sector business and took over as country manager in 2009. Farrelly is an experienced ICT leader with 25 years’ experience in the industry spanning all elements of technology from technical and network infrastructure to enterprise software. He has managed several innovation initiatives, launching new products and services into the market. He is passionate about big data and advanced analytics and the impact it can have when applied to solve real-world problems.

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Why we’re creating 150 new jobs in Ireland

In today’s information economy, the ability to engage and develop meaningful digital relationships is fundamental to any business. A growing number of organisations, including small-to-medium sized enterprises, are investing in easy-to-use analytical software and services to extract insights from data about their business. As a result, we're now experiencing the