Jennifer Parks
SAS platform administrator, Federal government sector

Jenni Parks is a seasoned Systems Administrator who has been working with SAS in the federal sector as a SAS Platform Administrator since 2006. She was thrust into a complex implementation project at hire and her continued successes in designing, deploying, and administering SAS EBI platforms has highlighted her value to the companies and clients she has worked for as well as the SAS user community. She attends DCSUG meetings as she is able and is a frequent SAS Global Forum attendee. In addition to her roles at CSC as a SAS Consultant and SAS Strategic Partner Development Lead, Jenni is also enrolled as a graduate student in the Master's program for Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Michigan-Flint. When she's not racking up billable hours, Jenni typically spends her time researching and constructing gourmet menus for fabulous dinner parties or jet setting to foreign countries on weekends to indulge in airline status climbing (mileage running).