Ivor G. Moan
Principal Business Solutions Manager

Ivor G. Moan has worked in the Data Management industry for almost 20 years. Ivor has a strong technology and systems background which have often been developed at the bleeding edge of the exploitation of IT across a variety of industries. Ivor’s primary aim is to drive the adoption of Data Management technology in organizations in a way that yields power through simplification and abstraction of complex technology combinations. The goal is ultimately to find synergy and align with the needs of the business. Prior to joining the Analytical Platform Center of Excellence, Ivor held various senior positions in companies such as ICW AG (an electronic healthcare company operating in partnership with SAP) and Verivox (Germany’s leading price comparison portal). Ivor worked as a technologist and architect in the Data Management domain supporting sales initiatives and both pre-sales and post-sales engagements. Ivor holds a degree in Computer Science and a diploma in Industrial Studies.