Hana Kvartová
Country Manager

Hi, I am Hana Kvartová - fulltime CEO and mother. I love my family, challenges and data. I studied Marketing Science at the University of Economics in Slovakia, realising that in all that creative and business topics, the analytical part was the one I got passionate for. Data and contact with customers became essential for me when working as a Marketing Manager for the Dimano Company. After this experience, I joined SAS in 2006, standing for the senior Customer Intelligence Business Consultant position. Today, I am the Country Manager in SAS Slovakia and Czech republic. By the luck of having my hobby as my profession, I have the best husband and son in the world. So, this is the picture of me as up to these days - looking forward for more beautiful and challenging things to come.

Customer Intelligence
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Why I’m not Loyal

If a retailer degrades a loyalty card down to the level of a discount card, it shouldn’t expect higher revenues and customer loyalty. And it certainly can’t expect to know them any better. The floodgates of loyalty cards have opened as of late. Ten years ago I had just one