Grant Brooks
Vice President of Sales, U.S. Public Sector

Grant believes in the power of data and analytics to help solve some of our country’s most pressing challenges. He became convinced when he looked under the hood of State Government in North Carolina, serving as the Budget Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for the North Carolina Senate after holding policy advisory and research roles in the General Assembly and in political roles for two United States Senators from North Carolina. During his time in the North Carolina General Assembly, Grant helped the state’s elected leaders erase a historic $2.7 billion budget deficit, overhaul the state’s tax code, transform the Medicaid system, invest in public schools and outcome-based education reforms, and fund long-neglected infrastructure needs. He saw first-hand the important role data can, and should, play in the policymaking process – to help streamline services, make our institutions more efficient, eliminate fraud and abuse, enhance public safety, and equip our public servants with the tools they need to craft sound policy solutions. Grant is especially proud of his work building and expanding the state’s Government Data Analytics Center – a central hub that combines data from state agencies to create efficiencies, eliminate waste and fraud, and forge innovative solutions. Grant is a Tar Heel – raised in Charlotte and educated in Chapel Hill. He lives in Apex with his wife, Caitlin, and two children.