Donna McGuckin
Principal Solutions Architect

Enjoying 20+ years in Retail Industry with both Specialty, Department Store, and Omni experience. Domain Expertise includes Merchandising, Planning, Assortment, Allocation, Replenishment, Merchandise Operations, and Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining SAS 2.5 years ago, was the Business Sponsor responsible for the implementing SAS Size Optimization including how to measure and communicate the value throughout the organization. Experience as a SAS customer inspired me to become a part of the SAS team to support retail and wholesale customers solve business opportunities and bring swift value through the SAS Retail Analytics and Merchandise Intelligence Solutions.

Donna McGuckin 0
How size optimization helps retailers improve inventory productivity and profitability

All of us in the retail and wholesale industry, regardless of role, are responsible for the same objectives: Increase customer satisfaction, inventory productivity, and profitability by way of localization and omni strategies. We've learned that our best strategies sometimes fall short; we spend significant effort analyzing, only to achieve marginal results. Many of