Charlotte Crain
Solution Architect, Americas Technology Practice

Charlotte has worked with many SAS customers in the government, financial, retail and education sectors as well as with system integrators and business partners. Her areas of expertise include information management, data quality and integration, data management methodology/architecture, data governance, SAS architecture, business analytics, and SAS programming. She also has experience with energy demand statistical modeling, time series analysis and forecasting, credit risk modeling and applications development in the areas of web applications/interfaces and automation. She holds an M.S. in mathematics with an emphasis in numerical analysis, linear and non-linear statistical data modeling.

Data Management | SAS Administrators
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In-Database Nirvana – The Five Step Process to run business rules without moving data

The phrase “business rules” is often loosely used. It can refer to things like constraints in a query, a data mapping, a data quality constraint, a data transformation, or a model. Business rules also reflect an enforced policy, a regulatory requirement and business constraints on model scores that trigger analytically-driven