Ann Cutrell
Sr. Industry Consultant, U.S. Public Sector & Healthcare

Ann has degrees in Pharmacy and Health & Medical Informatics that serve as her foundation when providing expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to both the client and SAS data science colleagues during project work. At SAS, Ann joins a team of government healthcare consultants responsible for translating client's policy and business needs into analytic projects. Enthused by her experience working for a healthcare data visualization consulting firm, she joined SAS as a Clinical Pharmacist for Fraud, Waste, and Abuse consultant, working on projects dealing with opioid diversion and other FWA in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Prior to SAS, Ann was an adjunct professor teaching a master’s course in healthcare data analysis and data visualization. Her combined knowledge and experience in pharmacy dispensing, pharmacy-controlled substance regulations, pharmacy technology tools, pharmacy supply chain, and data analytics allows her to help clients to think innovatively about solving complex problems. Her first-hand experience working retail during the opioid wave drives her passion for drug abuse solutions.