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Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Hiring for keeps

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SAS Technical Support holiday hours

I'm on the SAS Technical Support list serve, so I get some very interesting information to pass along to you guys. Sometimes, I put the ... Read More

Analytics 2013 Call for Papers

The first step toward a successful conference is selection of high quality papers. In the past, you have helped us with this important task and I ... Read More

Friday's Innovation Inspiration - A %mockery?

Yao Huang says that you can use the %mock_table SAS macro to build mock tables needed for Phase I clinical trials. "Instead of spending a ... Read More

7 tips for finding big data talent

SAS has long believed that demand for people with analytics skills will continue to grow - especially given the big data challenges ahead. In fact, we ... Read More

Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Consolidated reporting for big data

With an exponential growth in transactions, it may be hard to get a clear, single view of customer interactions. ICICI Bank , India's second largest bank, ... Read More

Friday's Innovation Inspiration - SAS templates for efficiency

Collaboration can be difficult, but what if you could provide a template that helps everyone work together more efficiently? The Post-It note author below has ... Read More

Friday's Innovation Inspiration: Reducing CPU time with PROC Format

Jenine Milum is the Vice President and Analytics Manager at Wells Fargo Bank. About 10 years ago, she learned a valuable, but little known solution ... Read More

Tune your SAS system for max performance

Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation, has written four SAS books and more than 500 peer-reviewed papers - 19 of which were awarded Best Contributed Papers ... Read More