An easy way to find variables in common to data sets

Over the holidays I was having a discussion with my cat, Ms. Trixie Lou. A question that often arises during the first programming class is the following: how do I find the variables that are in common to these two or three data sets? As it turns out, Ms. Trixie […]

Graphs are easy with SAS 9.3

ODS Graphics have matured.  With SAS 9.2, GTL and SG procedures were a new direction for creating analytical graphs in SAS. The motivation and design of the GTL framework and the SG procedures was driven primarily by the needs of the procedure writers within SAS to enable the automatic creation […]

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Dear Miss SAS Answers: Help me see my ODS output

Dear Miss SAS Answers, I have a problem getting PDF, HTML, and RTF output from the Output Delivery System (ODS). It asks me to connect to a remote browser. When I try that, I have a connection failure. I am using Base SAS 9.2 software. What am I doing wrong? […]

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What Didn't Stay in Vegas

Just flew back from Vegas, and boy, are my arms tired! (ba-dump) If you attended SAS Global Forum, you probably learned a lot of things you didn't know. But if you were a SAS employee, you also learned a lot of things you didn't know. One of the perks of […]

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Jedi SAS Tricks: Email from the Front – Part 2

In my last blog post, I discussed how to use SAS options to send unattended email using an SMTP server. In this segment, I’ll tackle creating “pretty” email (using HTML) and sending out emails with attachments. First, I produced a basic report using ODS. I liked the look, and set […]

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Jedi SAS Tricks: Custom Bookmarks

I was building a nice little PDF report the other day.  I love the way ODS PDF replicates the SAS Results window navigation structure as PDF bookmarks, but... I'd much rather write the text for the bookmarks myself.  So, I decided to "use the SAS" and make ODS do my […]

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