3 reasons you should read ODS Techniques


The Output Delivery System (ODS) is a very large topic and it can sometimes be difficult to find out if something is even possible from the reference documentation.  My new book ODS Techniques: Tips for Enhancing Your SAS Output takes a cookbook approach to various areas in ODS and introduces you to features from the common to the rather esoteric.  The code samples for each tip can be run as-is so that you can see the code working in action right away, and hopefully, it will send you in directions that you might not have thought were possible in the world of ODS.

1.) From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone in this book.

There are many basic tips in this book that can be taken advantage of immediately by any level of user.  But there are also many advanced tips that may take a little longer to sink in.  The intent of the book is to show you what kinds of things are possible and inspire you to explore some of the more mystical areas of ODS.

2.) You can read just the parts that interest you.

This book is laid out so that all of the tips are independent.  You can jump around in the book as much as you want, read the parts you are currently interested in, and save the rest for later.  The code samples for each tip can also be run independently.  Just copy and paste.

ODS Techniques: Tips for Enhancing Your SAS Output3.) You’ll be able to impress your friends and coworkers.

I guarantee that there are things in this book that you have not seen before.  There are many new features in ODS that haven't gotten a lot of press.  This is your chance to get ahead of the game and let the others play catch up.

This book is intended to point you in directions you may not have otherwise considered, but that isn't the end of the adventure.  My point of view is just the start.  Just combine the tips in this book with your own imagination and see where it leads you.


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Kevin D. Smith

Sr Software Developer at SAS and SAS Press author

Kevin D. Smith has been a software developer at SAS since 1997. He has supported PROC TEMPLATE and other underlying ODS technologies for most of that time. Smith has spoken at numerous SAS Global Forums as well as at regional and local SAS users groups with the "From Scratch" series of presentations that were created to help users of any level master various ODS technologies. He is the author of ODS Techniques: Tips for Enhancing Your SAS Output and PROC TEMPLATE Made Easy: A Guide for SAS Users.

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