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See how data is being used to address humanitarian issues around the world

Data for Good | Data Management
Dan Stevens 0
A playbook for analyzing real world intelligence in a health care setting

Real world data collected in a functioning health care setting instead of a controlled clinical environment can provide opportunities for new and deeper insights across life science and health care organizations. However, managing, analyzing and extracting actionable information from the varied available sources can present unique challenges. The sheer size of these

Data for Good
Jill Dyché 0
Big data, one dog at a time

A few years ago, in the height of my workaholism, I took up a hobby. I go to sketchy neighborhoods around L.A. and hang out with dogs I don’t know. I have a long history of adopting and fostering shelter dogs, often getting them out on their “euth dates.” With

Advanced Analytics | Data for Good
Alan Cudney 0
Dignity Health demonstrates the power of advanced analytics at HIMSS16

According to Lloyd Dean, president and CEO, "At Dignity Health, we are committed to developing partnerships and opportunities that harness the tremendous potential of technology, from improving the patient experience to providing caregivers with tools that will support their day-to-day care decisions." Dignity Health, one of the largest health systems

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