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Social network analysis in SAS® Visual Investigator

As early as in 2009, Gartner predicted that Social Network Analysis (SNA) could be an important tool for detecting business patterns or disruptions and a source of new unprecedented insights for organisations. Today, SNA-based tools, as components of advanced analytic platforms (including predictive platforms), become indispensable for defining long-term strategies and managing

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Mapping ethics in a data-driven world

In my previous post, I examined ethics in a data-driven world with an example of how Facebook experiments on its users. Acknowledging the conundrum facing users of free services like Facebook, Phil Simon commented that “users and customers aren’t the same thing. Maybe users are there to be, you know... used.” What about when a

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Facing ethics in a data-driven world

I have previously blogged about how the dark side of our mood skews the sentiment analysis of customer feedback negatively since we usually only provide feedback when we have a negative experience with a product or service. Reading only negative reviews from its customers could make a company sad, but could reading only