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The culture of analytics at Marriott

At last week's SAS Global Forum, I sat down for a few minutes with Stephan Chase, Vice President of Customer Knowledge at Marriott Hotels. Chase's team provides the analytics and predictive modeling to the marketing team within the Marriott Rewards business unit. I asked him to elaborate on an earlier

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Inside SAS Global Forum 2009: Ep. 16 - SAS onDemand for Academics

Ron Statt talks about the SAS onDemand for Academics program and how it makes it easy for colleges and universities to access the analytical power of SAS for teaching and completing coursework. For more information about the SAS onDemand for Academics, visit http://www.sas.com/govedu/edu/programs/od_academics.html. Web Links: SAS.com:http://www.sas.com/apps/webnet/SGF2009VideoBlog/index.html?videoID=isgf09ep16

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International Users: Building bridges

SAS Global Forum is aptly named: SAS users are spread throughout the world, and many of those users are here this week. Nearly 25 percent of SAS Global Forum 2009 attendees are from outside the US. Monday evening’s International Forum and Reception was hosted by the SAS Global Users Group

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SAS presenters series: Daniel Jahn

In hopes of adding to your SAS Global Forum experience, we've kicked off a SAS presenters series. Here, we’ve asked some of the SAS presenters five questions to learn more about what makes them tick, why they chose to present and what they hoped you would take away from the

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Dave Barry's keynote to SAS Global Forum

Humor writer and Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry inspired SAS Global Forum attendees during his keynote presentation at the Technical Session. Dave Barry introduced his topic: “High-speed access to DBMS data using SAS 9.1.3 Data Engines” No, that wasn’t it. He just plucked that from the schedule. Then he started with

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