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My top 3 picks for SAS Global Forum 2014

Having served as conference chair for last year’s SAS Global Forum, I am so looking forward to just being a normal attendee at this year’s conference in Washington, DC. That’s right, I’ll have no speaking commitments, no interviewers, no responsibilities—just the privilege of selecting the content that is right for

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Natalie Meyer 0
Top 10 reasons for presenting a conference paper

Professional development, popularity, untold fame: the benefits of submitting a paper to a SAS conference are certainly varied and widespread! In a recent SAS Users LinkedIn discussion started by David Corliss, avid SAS users and former presenters discussed their motivations for writing, researching and presenting papers. From the many wonderful

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Christina Harvey 0
Too much CLASS for the MEANS procedure

Have you used the MEANS procedure to calculate frequencies: for several variables in the same step? without sorting the data first? without checking for missing values? using the TYPE statement and the CLASS statement together? At the recent SouthEastern SAS Users Group conference, Janet Willis shared what can go wrong

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Waynette Tubbs 0
PROC ARIMA: Penetrating the matrix

Justin Smith and William “Gui” Zupko were looking at manufacturing data over time and wanted to know the minimum value in their dataset, and they wanted to pinpoint its exact location – the specific row and column. PROC ARIMA uses the ARIMA (auto-regressive integrated moving average) model or the ARMA