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Our Favorite #HourOfCode Resources

Next week is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), and we know many teachers and students of all ages are preparing to take part. The easiest way is to participate in the #HourOfCode--committing one hour of class time to a coding activity. We understand that leading an #HourOfCode activity might seem daunting to instructors

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Why "programmer" is not in my job title

There are two activities which, when taken in combination, have occupied the vast majority of my working hours for the past 20 years: writing computer programs and writing...well, just writing. During my college years I completed my degree with a double-major: Computer Science and English. (My English degree has a

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Too many pies can be hard to digest

On his SAS and R blog, Ken K. recently posted an example of a visualization technique called "small multiples". In this exercise, Ken shows the programming technique for replicating a particular series of pie charts in R as well as in SAS. It's a useful exercise to learn from, but