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Our Favorite #HourOfCode Resources

Next week is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), and we know many teachers and students of all ages are preparing to take part. The easiest way is to participate in the #HourOfCode--committing one hour of class time to a coding activity. We understand that leading an #HourOfCode activity might seem daunting to instructors

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Calling all High School STEM educators! Teach Your Students 21st Century Computer Science Skills

STEM skills are essential for many of the fastest-growing and most lucrative occupations. And SAS programmers are in high demand in all fields. A number of reports have documented a critical talent shortage, especially for graduates with advanced degrees in math, computer science or computer engineering. (See Running on Empty, Report to

Students & Educators
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Teaching computer science: Who knew a conference could be so much fun?

Members of the SAS Global Academic Program team recently attended the SIGCSE 2012 Education Symposium. This particular conference brings together over 1200 educators interested in computer science education.  The primary topic of conversation throughout the conference was the various approaches to developing, implementing and evaluating computer science courses and curricula. The conference

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Are we forgetting the “T” in STEM?

The buzz word in education these days is STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Across the United States, educators are stressing the importance of STEM and states are launching huge STEM initiatives. Most of these efforts emphasize science, engineering or math, but few emphasize the powerful “T,”