Jeremy Racine
Healthcare Strategy Consultant

Jeremy has immersed himself in big data and analytics for 14 years, including a comprehensive focus on health care and ways the public and private sectors can deploy technology to improve population health and reduce costs. He knows that analytics is critical to driving health care modernization, and understands the complex implications of the Affordable Care Act, new care and payment models and Medicaid changes. As a member of the SAS State & Local Government practice, Jeremy works with the public sector to help them understand how analytics can empower modernization and enhancements across the healthcare continuum.

Analytics | Data Management
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Behavioral health remains a blind spot in health IT

Behavioral health information technology (HIT) adoption efforts have struggled and are still plagued by a number of challenges. Since 2011, the federal government has incentivized the industry to the tune of $37 billion. However, according to US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) “psychologists, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and others

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Beyond health data: Alternative data sources could give unprecedented view of patient health, costs

The healthcare big data revolution has only just begun. Current efforts percolating around the country primarily surround aggregation of clinical electronic health records (EHRs) & administrative healthcare claims.  These healthcare big data initiatives are gaining traction and could produce exciting enhancements to the effectiveness and efficiency of the US healthcare